the closer to you, the safer i feel

by Laptop Funeral

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this EP was recorded in my bedroom for a stressful series of 3 months. This is a story of a broken boy trying his best to get better and trying not to lose his relationships in the process. i hope u get the messages i tried to push forward, i love you and have a nice day

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released June 20, 2016

mastering by poly pines




Laptop Funeral Weston, Florida

soft trash music machine

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Track Name: a special note
mom i love you

thanks to you
im not afraid of the rain
im sorry about the pain
please dont cry
cuz i still get upset
when i see you alone at night
crying all night long

i wish things were better
Track Name: when i look into your eyes
ill wake up at an awful time
just to see if yr doing fine
i cant seem to sleep anymore
ill just sit and stare at the floor

wake me up tell me its fine
wake me up dont tell me time
are things alright?
Track Name: it starts to rain as i fall asleep
drive miles to your house
you wear your favorite blouse
it starts to rain outside
its fine, you'll be alright
Track Name: sleeping in
i wanna take you somewhere new
where i can get lost in you
Track Name: break yr mirror
break a mirror with yr fist
blame yrself you dont go out
blame yrself you dont have any friends
break a mirror with yr fist
blame yrself you dont go out

love you all the same
its all okay
love you all the same
nothing else remain
Track Name: i want to get better
yr worth more than u know